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2015 summary and 2016 goals

I try posting the blog of 2015 summaries and 2016 goals, as training english.

Goals that I could be achieved in 2015

Thankfully, I had made so many outputs. Especially I wanted to practice programming skills, so I'm glad to made outputs and contributed about software. In other words, I wonder if it's too many outputs comparing technical level for me.


  • Daily network operations
  • Development software using Python and Django
    • It's my long-planned work as programmer!
  • Got over some network troubles
  • Business Trip
    • Los Angles
    • San Jose
      • It's valuable experience that participants of janog event and me talk about network engineers in Silicon valley.
    • Osaka
    • Fukuoka
    • Shizuoka


12 presentations, but including a lot of non-technical talk.

Technical blog

In 2015, I tried to post technical blog monthly using Qiita. There are many automation tips for network operations.

OSS contribution

  • ConfigCollector
    • It's my first time that I published OSS python package!
    • But, I cannot keep maintaining all pull request and issues. I'm sorry about that for contributors.

Conference Staff

I tried to join some conference staff to skill up for network technics. They were thanks to grateful support my comprehensive boss and team member.



Goals that I could NOT be achieved in 2015

  • English speaking/reading/listening trainings

I tried starting english training using DMM英会話, ESL Podcast, watching US TV dramas on Netflix, reading NANOG mailing list and so on. Although it was difficult to keep the motivation to learn english everyday. I can consider a cause, I focused on learning programming skill, so I cannot keep enough time and my resources for english training. One more thing,I have to improve feedback cycle to get a sense of accomplishments.

Goals in 2016

To change 2015 year that I made too many outputs, I will increasing inputs in 2016. I want to focus on english training. I will gain communication skill with english native speakers. - Keeping 30min Skype english lessons daily. - Posting english blog weekly, like this post. - Increasing opportunities to work with global people.

In addition, I will reevaluate how to spend my time because I need enough time for skill up. - Decreasing time for playing TV games less than 30 minutes per day. - Getting up at 5:30 am on weekdays. - Don't forget daily relaxing time in 30 minutes.

I hope it will be a wonderful year for you.